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In the Member Services pages you will be able to find information on the following: 

  • How to join/renew with the club

  • Purchase your own club apparel by clicking into the "Sew Busy" link

  • Weather

  • Field safety rules/video

  • Members only section where you can obtain a current list of members

  • Classified ads

  • Help Corner 

  • "Thank-Yous"

thank you

The PBRCA Board would like to say 'Thank You' to the following: 

  • February 2023: The Nassau Suffolk Long Island Club of Leisureville Boynton Beach, FL for their generous donation of $150.00 for a 'show and tell' put on by PBRCA.

  • February 2023: Tom Severino and Robert Goldstein - PBRCA Members - For their voluntary assistance in the "Fun Fly" event.

  • March 2023: Seth Sterling, Ken Wilson, Wes Davisson, Jim Talin for volunteering to assist with the 2023 Annual Swap Meet.

  • March 2023: Arty Mundell for his photography contributions during the 2023 Swap Meet. 

  • March 2023: Ted Murphy for fixing the entrance way floor in the press box.

  • March 2023: William Callanan from the UK for his generous donation of $500.00 for spending a couple of hours flying with his son Liam.

  • April 2023: Wayne Knight for taking the lead on repairing the primary flag pole with a new pulley, cord, finial, and an LED light to shine onto the finial.  Wayne was assisted by several other club members and we thank them as well (you know who you are...thanks.).

  • May 2023: Ken Wilson for providing the materials and manpower for resealing portions of the primary taxiway.

  • July 2023: Joel Victoriano for his assistance with cleaning out and disposing of the trash from the press box cabinet.

  • October 2023: Donald Kulp a big thank you for repairing the chain link fence poles and cross bars.

  • November 2023: All the following for their assistance with the 2023 Warbirds event:  Chris Stellas, Ed Christiansen, Bill Kanter, Sean Seiler, Justin Ochoa, Alex Spielman, and of course Arty Mundell....Thanks guys!

  • November 2023: A HUGE THANK YOU to Wes Baker for repair and (re)installation of the damaged carport.

  • December 2023: Wayne Knight for taking the initiative to rent and then 'roll' the grass runway.

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