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Do you need help with RC Airplane or RC Helicopter?


Would you like to help out a fellow pilot?

On this page you will see posts from fellow pilots so feel free to contact them if you think you'd be able to help out!

Post Date
Description of Need - 50 words or less
Phone Number
Wilbur Wright
Need help attaching my sprocket chain drive to power the twin propellers on my latest scratch build.
  • Please send the details of what you'd like help with (50 words or less) along with your name and your preferred means of communication (email or phone or both).  Your information will be vetted for clarity and appropriateness.  This is not intended to be a forum, simply a request for help.

  • Posts will be removed approximately a month after the post date or if the individual has received the needed assistance. 

  • If you have posted an item and you get the help you need, please let me know so that I can update the page. 

  • Please keep in mind that this is a 'members' help corner; you asking for help and other members helping you.   Board members are not responsible for providing the assistance unless, of course, they choose to do so.

Send your submissions to: 

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