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Classified ad listings are for current Club members only.

Do you have a plane to sell ? Send the information (50 words or less) with your name and contact info (telephone number, e-mail address, etc.) and a price. Pictures are encouraged but optional and must be in suitable format (i.e., jpg, bmp, etc.) .

Send the information to: 


Dynaflite Super Decathlon

Wingspan 89" - Fuselage Length 68" - Covered in Solartex - DLE 30 Gas Engine

Building plans included


Jay Eicher: 561-302-0665

Radio control flight simulator with extra disks and transmitter included.




Les Berrent
Home: 561-865-8584

Cell: 561-886-7635


EME 35cc with
Auto starter and
Rear muffler

like new

new price: 399.00
Asking 275.00

Michael vinacco

Top Gun pilot wanted!

Do you think you can handle this ‘pocket rocket’ that can exceed 80 mph and gets very small very fast!

A fun, slow flyer but you will want to hit the afterburners on this baby!

Brand new, needs a quick assembly, two servos, battery and receiver.

Caution: extreme fun if you can handle this rocket!

Steal it at $150.00

...and fly it like you stole it !
Low run hours

Crank turns over freely,  throttle is a little stiff, but looks clean. This engine should clean up nicely for your project or can be added to your display shelf for a unique model engine.

Originally used on a Ducted Fan project that crashed.

Yours for $50.

If you love this engine and want to spend more, buy one on EBay for $400.

David Spielman

carf edge 540 35%

-With a Great Power 'GP123' 123cc engine

-Cortex Gyro
-Holy Smoke System
-The plane is turn key BNF

Jon Bukaty 


Carbon cub $500 will take $400

Viper $350 backordered will take $250

Valient $230 will take $100

G-44 Widgeon $500 will take $400

DX 8 e receiver $330 will take $200

Jim Laing 


Freewing L-39 80mm EDF

  • Has 1920kv 9-blade in-runner but have the 2150kv 12-blade motor if you want even more speed and power.

  • Incredible jet that has a very wide flight envelope and will go as fast or as slow as you want.

  • Makes a great 2nd EDF for someone looking for the perfect everyday flier.

  • Has AR620 and just needs to be bound to a new transmitter.

$300 as is and $50 more if you want the 2150kv motor too.

Philip Prizzi

e-Flite 80mm f-16
bind and fly


Jeff Paolillo

Fully equipped

Precision Aerobatics (PA)

Bandit  (Discontinued or it seems by PA)  fully equipped @ $650

I would like $300

Can bring to field anytime - I have a table during swap meet and may bring others.

Alan Melton

I also have a Hangar 9 Sundowner 50 and Sundowner 36
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