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about the club

We fly at the West Delray Regional Park, located at 10875 West Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach , FL (1 mile west of State Road 7 to the end of West Atlantic Avenue, right turn into Park). Our field features both 600 foot paved and grass runways along with a separate helicopter and separate drone field.  The purpose of the PBRCA is to promote Radio Control Aircraft Modeling to all. The PBRCA has instructors offering NO CHARGE lessons to members interested in learning how to fly radio controlled airplanes.


The flying site shall is available for use by any non-club member as long as the user is a member in good standing with the AMA. More information on the AMA and a membership application can be found at the AMA web site (


A club member meeting is held the second Saturday of every month (excluding July & August) at 10:00 a.m. at Westervelt Field (the flying field), West Delray Regional Park, 10875 West Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, FL. For more information, please see our calendar page.

Click here for a l ink to our "Introduction" video.

Click here for a link to a document on the history of the PBRCA and learn "Who We Are."

Why is the field called "Westervelt Field?"   Read about the history of the field by clicking here

We fly a variety of model aircraft: fixed wing scale, sport, sailplanes, and jets along with helicopters and drones.  All shapes and sizes can be seen taking flight.  From the smallest ultra micro to 100+ wing span giants. Electric, gas, glow and turbine power can all be seen flying here at the field.  Come join us! Any non-club member with current AMA membership is welcome.  Please see our Member Services" pages for more information.

club officers

John Tice.jpg

john tice


I have been fascinated with everything aviation since the age of 5. I built a large number of plastic aircraft models before age 12. Control line was fun for a few years back in the 70’s. I also enjoy drawing and painting aircraft as artwork over most of the years.  I hold a rusty private pilot license since 1997 and hope to continue with that as well.  When my kids left the nest, the new place with a small garage made a great clicking sound in my head and pulled me towards designing, building and flying RC models. I bought a few kits and RTF’s as well and enjoy the fixed wing thing for the moment but helicopters and jets are on the table for the future. I joined PBRC in 2014 and have enjoyed building, flying, crashing, repairing and repeating ever since.

My day job as an architect keeps me busy most of the week. I have been at that for a long time and there are many things common to designing and building planes and structures.

What a great hobby!

John scaduto

Vice President/Webmaster

Thanks to my brother, I learned to fly on a Minimax 700 two channel sailplane using a high start and eventually graduated to an electric powered Great Planes Spectra.  The bug bit hard and the hook went deep.   From there it was a GP PT-40 and then onto my second powered airplane, the venerable Sig 4 Star 40.  Years pass and the planes come and go.  I currently fly glow, gas, and electric  and really enjoy scratch building from plans.   I joined PBRCA in 2016 and it's been a blast ever since.  

John Scaduto_h.jpg
Princeton About Us.jpg

Princeton rose


Born in Jamaica, I’ve been in and out of the hobby over the past 55 years.  Started with control line planes at 12, and over the years built and flew R/C planes in New York, and R/C planes and helicopters in Atlanta with the Georgia Model Aviators.  Took a break from 2010 until my retirement in 2020.  Since July 2020, I’ve been trying to make up for lost time and recently got into EDF jets.  Like to have something on the bench, either building or rebuilding.  Joined PBRCA in 2014 when we moved to Florida and became active in the club in 2021. 

ellen hoffman

Secretary and Membership Chair

My love of aviation began when I was a child, taken on field trips to La Guardia Airport to watch the planes take off and land.  Later in life I was fortunate to work for the City of LA, Department of Airports at LAX.  What a thrill that was!  Although I don't fly RC, I love being a spectator at our great field. 

David for About.jpg

david spielman

Chief Safety Officer

I’m honored to be the chief safety officer for the PBRCA. Thank you for your confidence and support. I’ve been flying RC for over 22 years and have served on the board of directors of Charles River Radio Controllers of Sudbury Mass since 2004. I’ve been newsletter editor, president, membership secretary, safety officer and ex-officio. It was a lot of fun and a bit of hard work too. Now living in Florida full time, I’m close to our flying field and wanted to help out the Palm Beach Radio Control Association club and have fun with other pilots. 

The members of PBRCA and the board of directors are a great group of people and feel very familiar to me. I’ve found several groups of pilots to fly with, who are supportive and are looking for help to keep PBRCA club fields safe places to fly. My experience flying with CRRC pilots has given me the tools I needed to support and improve safety at all three of our club fields, Heli, multi-rotor and fixed wing. We have a great safety record and I hope with everyone’s help we can make improvements so that we keep up and improve safety so everyone has good safe fun!

Say hello and let me know how I can help and join me for a flight or two on our great fields. Our goal is to have fun flying and do it safely.

jon Gerber

Chief Training Officer

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