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Congratulations to all our IMAC Winners !

        ADVANCED:            1st - Anthony Fandino 

        INTERMIDIATE:    1st - Luiz Bosch

        UNLIMITED:           1st - Carlos Silva;        2nd - Pedro Jordan;        3rd - Alvaro Yangus

        SENIORS:               1st - George Brod;       2nd - Doug Christensen;  3rd - John DeYoung

        SPORTSMAN:         1st - Carlos Anaya;       2nd - George Brod;          3rd - Doug Christensen

        BASIC:                    1st - Susan Brassner;   2nd - Will Alexis;            3rd - Remberto Milian


Special thanks to our CD's, Doug Christensen & Pedro Jordan and the whole team of judges, all the volunteers; all of our sponsors - Horizon Hobby, Spektrum, TruTurn, A. J. Aircraft and RC Revolution; and the the pit boss. And, of course, our club photographer Arty Mundell; and to Susan Brassner & Artlink International for their generous artwork donations to the first place winners.

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